Welcome to GOBE Educational Programming.

We design and program Educational Applications, to help and inspire Teachers and Pupils to be their best.

Our programs are not meant to replace teachers, but to empower teachers, to leverage technology to teach children.

We cater for the following:

Pre-School: Colours, Counting, More or Less, Shapes and more.

Basic Skills: Multiplication Tables, Speed reading with Comprehension, Learn to Write

Primary School Mathematics : Grades R to Grade 7

Primary School English: Grades R to Grade 7

Primary School Afrikaans: Grades R to Grade 7

Remedial Mathematics : Grades R to Grade 7

with more to follow.


Each interaction by the learner (Test or Practice)  is updated instantly to the database. The teacher then can Login and Access the results and determine if the learner has mastered the Caps requirement for that Grade. The Teacher can then determine at a glance who in a class of thirty or forty pupils need remedial Practice.

Each Learner has a unique ID and can practise on almost any computer,tablet or phone that has internet. The learner does not have to practice at school only, but can practice at home. The teacher can again login and at a glance see who has done their homework etc.

Each Grade has its own objectives as set out by the Caps requirement for the Grade. The practices and tests are quick and help teachers maximise time, by saving time for marking.

The applications help teachers quickly determine where a child is struggling or where the child has missed a fundamental building block in his education and remedy it.

The applications are designed for minimal data and interaction with servers and will help your monthly data allocation last longer.

All results for learners at the school is instantly available to a responsible person and a academic profile can quickly be drawn and saved.

All data is password protected behind a firewall and complies with international privacy laws.